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Some great natural history pieces for sale - Check out my pages for some of the rarest natural history pieces available here in the UK.

From Tiger skin rugs to Tortoishell tea caddy's, human skulls and much much more.

Most items can be shipped Worldwide with the relevant paperwork.


Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at Taxidermy Emporium Ltd.

 UPDATED -  19th April 2024

New items coming in 2023

Have a look at the updated pages of items for sale


1 X Large leopard skin - circa 1910 - 1920 with fabulous family provenance, shot by a lady.


1 X small leopard skin by Van Ingen of Mysore, India Circa 1920's


1 X American Bison head / shoulder.


1 X Walrus skull & tusks - Circa 1900


1 X Tiger head by Theobald Brothers of India. Circa 1890 - 1900


1 x Rhino foot + bullet


3 x Antique human skulls


1 X Walrus tusk dinner gong


1 x Blue & Gold Macaw - Juvenile - RESERVED


1 x Large flat leopard skin - circa 1910 - 1920


Large selection of antique rhino feet humidors


1 X Huge Blonde turtle shell - Arrau turtle Circa 1900


1 X Cotton top tamarin


1 Aldabra Tortoise full mount 


1 x HUGE tiger skin by Kalloo & son Circa 1900 - COMING SOON.


1 x Leopard skin by Van-Ingen - COMING SOON


1 X tiger skin by Van-Ingen - circa 1940


1 X elephant foot work box - Circa 1900  - SOLD


1 X Half human skeleton


1 X Coco de mer 


1 Tortoiseshell tea caddy


3 x exotic fur coats - leopard fur, seal fur and racoon fur


1 X amber specimens with insects inside 


1 x Leopard fur coat in superb condition


8 x Human skull listed today


1 x Extra large tiger skin rug by Van-Ingen  Circa 1937


6 x Hyena skulls


1 x 3 metre long tiger skin - circa 1920's


1 x Faberge cigarette case - early 2oth century 


2 x New zebra shoulder mount


Lots of new British bird mounts listed - 2nd October 2022


1x Victorian half skeleton and skull - Circa 1880


2 x Elephant goads - used in the training of elephants


1 x Victorian dog collar


1 x huge tiger skin in very origianl condition by Rowland Ward of London - Taxidermist to the KIng.


2 Rhino foot ice buckets - Attributed to Edward Gerrard


1 Rhino foot cigerette box - by Rowland Ward


1 Rare Rhino foot oil lamp by Army & Navy - all in working order.


1 double horse hoof ink well


1 Very special Van-Ingen tiger skin shot by Group Captain Dick Maydwell.


1 Very very rare antique specimen of a gorilla head under a glass dome - Unique piece for the collector who has everything !!!!!!! 


1 Adam Rouilly box of human bones & bone chart


1 Cased Canadian Lynx cub by Barry Williams of Cannock



New items will be listed most weeks - so keep a look out for some quality antique pieces


New very rare books listed today - limited edition leather bounds - by P Morris, Voodoo Salon by Errol Fuller, A record of Spicer by Rob Chinnery & many more.








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