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Taxidermy & Natural history objet d'art

News & Updates for Christmas gifts 

Some great natural history pieces for sale - Check out my pages for some of the rarest natural history pieces available here in the UK.

From Tiger skin rugs to Tortoishell tea caddy's, human skulls and much much more.

Most items can be shipped Worldwide with the relevant paperwork.


Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at Taxidermy Emporium Ltd.

UPDATED -  29th July 2020

Some great new items this month July 2020 - have a delve through the pages 


1 Superb large tiger skin rug by Tocher & Tocher - circa 1910 - 1920


1 Superb flat tiger skin by Theobald Brothers of Mysore, South India Circa 1900 - 1918


1 Mint tiger skin rug with large mounted snarling head - Best i have ever had to offer - 1 from my Private collection. 


1 Amazing tiger skin by Van-Ingen circa 1942


1 Flat tiger skin by Van-Ingen - circa 1941 - near mint condition.


1 Van-Ingen tiger skin with mounted snarling head - circa 1919


1 Beautiful lion skin & Lioness skin rugs or prayer mat


1 Rowland Ward lion skin


1 Zebra pedestal mount - chess piece.


1 Tiger skin by Rowland Ward - circa 1900 with snarling mounted head


1 Tiger skin prayer mat made from 2 tiger skins


1 Flat tiger skin rug / prayer mat by edward gerrard 


1 Leopard skin rug by Van-Ingen of Mysore, India


1 Tiger skin rug by Peter Spicer of Leamingtom Spa - SOLD


1 Cased Canadian Lynx cub by Barry Williams of Cannock


1 Male human skull - un-cut


2 baby lion cubs in antique dome by Barry Williams


1 Flat tiger skin by Van Ingen


1 Leopard skin rug by Van-Ingen -  SOLD


1 Cheetah skin by Edward Gerrard & son of London.


1 Seal fur coat - early 1940,s - superb rare item in superb condition  SOLD


1 Rowland Ward flat leopard skin - SOLD


1 Huge taxidermy African lion skin rug 


1 Rowland Ward Snow leopard skin circa 1910 - 1920. - SOLD


1 Full mount black bear with import permit


1 Full mount Cougar with import permit


1 Full mount Bobcat with import permit


1 Large Fiji ( feejee ) mermaid 


1 set of 5 teak elephants


1 Van-Ingen tiger skin rug 1/2 head mount ( rare )


1 Van-Ingen leopard skin rug  - SOLD


1 Van-Ingen tiger head wall mount - SOLD


1 - 1/2 mount coyote wall mount


1 Collard peckery wall shoulder mount


1 Antique ocelot coat - circa 1930,s - SOLD


1 Superb full length snow leopard coat - circa 1930,s - SOLD


1 Crocodile gladstone bag - circa 1920,s - Reserved 


2 Antique elephant foot stools


1 impala head


1 Rhino foot cigerette holder by Peter Spicer


1 Antique Green Turtle


1 Antique Blackbuck head


1 taxidermy puppy dog - wet specimen


1 Feejee mermaid / merman - weird !!


1 new Zebra head mount 


1 Blonde turtle shell with beautiful patina


1 Peregrine Falcon with CITES A10


1 Fiji Mermaid


1 Superb tiger skin attributed to Kalloo & son - early 20th century


1 New mount red stag


1 New mount sika stag


2 Rhino feet humidors by R Ward - circa 1940


1 Antique tiger skin rug with big snarling head - circa 1940 - In Stock


1 Elephant foot lamp - 


1 Huge Polar bear head 


1 Antique zebra skin now in stock 


1 Huge male lion skin rug


4 X Blonde Turtle shells - In Stock






New items will be listed most weeks - so keep a look out for some quality antique pieces


New very rare books listed today - limited edition leather bounds - by P Morris, Voodoo Salon by Errol Fuller, A record of Spicer by Rob Chinnery & many more.








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Updated - 29th July 2020

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