Taxidermy & Natural history objet d'art
Taxidermy & Natural history objet d'art

Full mounts - for sale

Ref - 2027  Cotton top tamarin

Taxidermy Cotton top tamarin being extremly naughty as he pulls the film from the camera.

A10 - 23GBA104FY8IT


PRICE - £ 1150.00


Ref - PG 1  Full mount african lion

Taxidermy full mount African lion - Circa 1990

A fabulous quality taxidermy male lion in A1 Condition


PRICE - £ 10,000


Ref - 1526

Beautiful taxidermy baby tiger with Spanish SSC paperwork allowing the sale / ownership of anyone for this piece

extremly rare piece of taxidermy - this animal died in a zoo.

Cert No. ES-BB-00168/17C


PRICE - Not for sale 

Ref - JH1

Full mount lion

Superb taxidermy male african lion from the Guinness collection

Originally from Botswana S.A.

Length - 210cm

Hight - 129 cm

Possibly the best we have had to offer



Ref - 2039

Taxidermy full mount Canadian Lynx by Barry Williams of Cannock

Natural Zoo death

CITES 2 - Annex B


£ 1250.00



Ref- st verv

Taxidermy vervet monkey in sitting pose - lovely wall mount piece in great condition




Ref - 1339    Full standing balck bear

Taxidertmy full mount adult Black Bear with CITES import papers

CITES 11 / annex b



Ref - 1999 Crocodile

Taxidermy full mount antique crocodile in lovely original condition.

Length - 1.2 metres


PRICE - £ 650.00




Ref - 1603C Full mount Bobcat

Lovely full body mount American Bobcat - super pose and as new condition with import permit





Ref - 2033

Antique taxidermy full mount Aldabra Tortoise.

Excellent example of this very rare species.


PRICE - £ 1850.00

Ref - 1603A

Taxidermy full mount American black bear ( import permit included )

Superb full body bear in great pose with lovely groundwork





Ref - p47

 Taxidermy full body polecat - lovely quality modern piece.




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