Taxidermy & Natural history objet d'art
Taxidermy & Natural history objet d'art

Natural history restoration 

We are specialists in all types of natural history restoration & conservation. See below for some examples of our work 

We undertake work from private collectors, Museum specimens and retail work.

Please get in touch if you have any pieces that you would like a quote on.

Leopard head - Before restoration

A tired looking leopard head by Van Ingen - Circa 1920



After restoration

Natural history conservation




Natural history conservation work on a fine Bison head that had been dropped on his nose




Looking much better after restoration



Before - with damage to the nose of this magnificent tiger skin by Van-Ingen

This magnificent tiger had been damged by a pet dog



And After conservation work

and now with conservation work complete



Before conservation work

This antelope head had been knocked off the wall by a decorators ladder and was really badly damaged as you can see.




After hours of sympathtic conservation work he looked much better but not over restored.



Before - a sad looking Van-Ingen tiger skin having fur missing and very badly damaged ears

Its quite common to see these old tiger skins in a poor state



Now looking regal again with restoration work complete including whiskers

We are the leading conservators in antique taxidermy in the UK.



Before - Peter Spicer tiger head, very dusty and unloved




After - Deep clean & minor restoration in several places

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