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Ref 2062  Lion  skin by Rowland Ward

Taxidermy african lion skin by Rowland Ward of Piccadilly, London

Huge specimen in original condition apart from a new backing cloth.

Amazing thick black mane.


Length - 3.05 metres

Width -  2.40 metres





Ref - 1954    Indian Leopard skin

Taxidermy flat Leopard skin carpet / prayer mat

Circa 1920 - 1926

In superb condition with new felt backing cloth.

Superb glossy fur with great colour, 

This skin has been stored away for many years in a teak chest.



Length - 1.85 metres

Width - 1.20 metres


PRICE - £ 1750.00



Ref - 1941    Zebra head

Zebra head mount - Lovely vintage specimen, stunning interior design piece of resturant / bar 


PRICE - £ 2750.00







Ref - 2044 Leopard skin by Van Ingen

Antique leopard skin by Van Ingen of Mysore India

Superbly mounted as always by Van Ingen .

Circa - 1920 - 1930

Length - 1.8 metres

Width - 1.15 metres

Cites - pre convention



Price - £1550.00








Ref - RHO32 American Bison

Superb American Bison shoulder mount, Original label on the rear for John Burton - Natural craft taxidermy

More images on request



PRICE - £ 1500.00


Ref - 2063 Antique Leopard skin

Antique leopard skin from India.

Attributed to Cuthbertson & Harper

Circa - 1910 - 1920 with full family provenance and photo of the dead leopard - shot by a lady.

Length - 2.3 metres

Width - 1.5 metres

CITES - pre convention


PRICE - £ 1550.00

Ref - TBA Hyena skin

Vintage Spotted Hyena skin rug with superb head mount with real skull inside







Ref - RCO 11

Taxidermy tiger head by Theobald Brothers.

A fantastic very large specimen in original condition.

Circa 1890 - 1900


PRICE - On request



Ref -  1450   Bengal tiger skin by Van Ingen

Taxidermy tiger skin by the Indian taxidermy company of Van-Ingen & Van-Ingen.

Cicra 1937

3.10 metres long 

Taken by C F A Nix because it was killing tea pickers on a tea estate in India.

Lots of Provenance.


PRICE - On Application



Ref - 1922

Lovely specimen of a Wild boar



PRICE - £ 250.00





Ref - 1995      Tiger skin


Taxidermy tiger skin by Van-Ingen & Van-Ingen of Mysore, India

This is a huge tiger skin taken by H J C Millet.

Circa 20/4/1940

Length - 3.10 metres

Width - 2.05 metres

Van-ingen records available for this tiger

Also a cine film is online of H J C Millet hunting and killing a tiger 


PRICE - On application


Ref- 1870    Tiger skin 

 Taxidermy Bengal tiger skin by Rowland Ward of Piccadilly, London.

Measuring over 3 metres in length

Exceptional original condition with original silk trade label ( the jungle ) on the backing cloth

Historical zoological specimen.


PRICE - Price upon request.








Ref - 2009    Zebra skin

New zebra skin grade A quality - Beautiful supple skin 


PRICE - £ 650.00




Ref - 1600

Very rare Gorilla head.

On cert 17NL252041/20

This is a pre convention specimen obtained before 1984 - super rare piece of antique taxidermy complete with E.U. CITES permit - valid for anyone 




Ref - 2005

Lovely Vintage Burchells Zebra skin - circa 1980's

Backed with black felt


PRICE - £ 680.00



Ref - AG

We are delighted to offer this beautiful tiger head by Van Ingen & Van Ingen of Mysore, India.

Circa - 1/1/1933 - taken by C.H. Bristow.

Stunning condition on a mahogany shield.



Ref - 1897    Red stag

Royal stag taxidermy.

Beautiful new mount in fabulous life like pose.


Price - £ 1550.00





Ref - WWD

Bengal tiger head / shoulder mount, in the style of Theobald Bros

The is a huge head and dates to around the late 19th, early 20th century.

Fabulous thick winter coat in excellent colour

Possibly a North India tiger 


PRICE - Price on request



Ref - 1965   Tiger skin by Van-Ingen

Taxidermy flat tiger skin by Van Ingen of Mysore, India,

Circa - 13/12/1921



Ref - 2001

Fallow deer

Taxidermy Fallow deer shoulder mount.

Beautiful antique mount 



PRICE - £750.00


Ref - 2015  Bengal tiger skin

Taxidermy Tiger skin rug / prayer mat by Van-Ingrn & Van-Ingen of Mysore, South India.

Circa - February 1923

Length - 3.10 metres

Width - 2.30  metres


This huge tiger was taken by Major William Leith-Ross in February 1923

The major spent 32 years in the British army and was awarded the military cross for his bravery in WW1


PRICE - Reserved 





Ref - 1898    Red stag

Beautiful red stag 

Park stag with 26 points

Magnificent example



PRICE - £ 1750.00



Ref - RC 88 Zebra shoulder wall mount

Fabulous Zebra shoulder wall mount - by-product of the meat trade,

New mount


PRICE - £ 2550.00

Ref - 2033  Aldabra Tortoise

Taxidermy Aldabra Tortoise full mount.

Circa -1900

Beautiful antique specimen of this rare tortoise. 



PRICE - £ 2450.00



Ref - 2066

Taxidermy Reedbuck

Nice clean modern example


PRICE - £250.00



Ref - 1998   Sea lion

Taxidermy adult bull Patagonian sea lion

Modern mount in superb condition.

Size - Wall to nose 61cm


PRICE - £ 1250.00






Ref - 1998 A   Wallerbies

A pair of Bennets wallerbies in a boxing pose.

Superb modern piece


£ 850.00



Ref - 1966     Roe deer

Taxidermy Roe deer head with gold medal size antlers 

Superbly mounted new piece.


PRICE - £ 375.00


Ref- 1621a

Early 20th century lion skin by Rowland Ward of Piccadilly, London

Taxidermist to the King

This skin dates to 1900 - 1930 - beautiful embroided silk label.

PRICE - £ 2250.00




Ref - 1955 A Baboon


Taxidermy African Baboon head,

Fabulous snarling pose


PRICE - £ 825.00





Ref - 1955 B   Worthog

Taxidermy Worthog head with huge tusks

Fabulous modern mount

A1 condition

Pumbaa from the Lion King


PRICE  - £ 725.00



Ref - 1733 A

Early 20th century flat tiger skin by Van-Ingen of Mysore, India

This is a huge skin measuring 3.2 metres 

Lovely historic piece from the greatest big cat taxidermist of all time

Fabulous as a carpet, wall hanging or prayer mat 


PRICE - £ 2850.00


Reserved - Stefan



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