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Ref -  1450   Bengal tiger skin by Van Ingen

Taxidermy tiger skin by the Indian taxidermy company of Van-Ingen & Van-Ingen.

Cicra 1937

3.10 metres long 

Taken by C F A Nix because it was killing tea pickers on a tea estate in India.

Lots of Provenance.


PRICE - On Application



Ref - 1966

Roe deer

Beautiful new mounted Roe deer head.

Gold medal size antlers.

Superb quality piece.



PRICE - £ 375.00





Ref - 1995      Tiger skin


Taxidermy tiger skin by Van-Ingen & Van-Ingen of Mysore, India

This is a huge tiger skin taken by H J C Millet.

Circa 20/4/1940

Length - 3.10 metres

Width - 2.05 metres

Van-ingen records available for this tiger

Also a cine film is online of H J C Millet hunting and killing a tiger 


PRICE - On application


Ref- 1870    Tiger skin 

 Taxidermy Bengal tiger skin by Rowland Ward of Piccadilly, London.

Measuring over 3 metres in length

Exceptional original condition with original silk trade label ( the jungle ) on the backing cloth

Historical zoological specimen.


PRICE - Price upon request.








Ref - 2015  Bengal tiger skin

Taxidermy Tiger skin rug / prayer mat by Van-Ingrn & Van-Ingen of Mysore, South India.

Circa - February 1923

Length - 3.10 metres

Width - 2.30  metres


This huge tiger was taken by Major William Leith-Ross in February 1923

The major spent 32 years in the British army and was awarded the military cross for his bravery in WW1


PRICE - Reserved 



Ref - 1898    Red stag

Beautiful red stag 

Park stag with 26 points

Magnificent example



PRICE - £ 1850.00



Ref - RC 88 Zebra shoulder wall mount

Fabulous Zebra shoulder wall mount - by-product of the meat trade,

New mount


PRICE - £ 2950.00

Ref - 2033  Aldabra Tortoise

Taxidermy Aldabra Tortoise full mount.

Circa -1900

Beautiful antique specimen of this rare tortoise. 



PRICE - £ 3250.00



Ref - 1897    Red stag

Royal stag taxidermy.

Beautiful new mount in fabulous life like pose.


Price - £ 1750.00





Ref - RCO 55 Tiger head by Van-Ingen

Bengal tiger head / shoulder mount by Van-Ingen of Mysore, India

This is one from my own private collection.

Details and provenance to follow.






Ref - 1965   Tiger skin by Van-Ingen

Taxidermy flat tiger skin by Van Ingen of Mysore, India,

Pre 1947 


PRICE  -  £ 2500.00

Ref - 2001

Fallow deer

Taxidermy Fallow deer shoulder mount.

Beautiful antique mount 



PRICE - £750.00


Ref - 1997 Tiger skin

Taxidermy tiger skin by Van-Ingen & Van-Ingen of Mysore,

Circa - 25-3-1924

Taken by L.W.H.D.Best

In Barrackpore, Bengal.


A copy of the original Van-Ingen order book for this tiger is available.


This has been stored away out of daylight for many years and is in superb strong colour,

Slight wear to the felt edging.





Ref - 1998   Sea lion

Taxidermy adult bull Patagonian sea lion

Modern mount in superb condition.

Size - Wall to nose 61cm


PRICE - £ 1550.00






Ref - 1998 A   Wallerbies

A pair of Bennets wallerbies in a boxing pose.

Superb modern piece


£ 1250.00



Ref - 1966     Roe deer

Taxidermy Roe deer head with gold medal size antlers 

Superbly mounted new piece.


PRICE - £ 375.00


Ref - 1840    Bengal tiger skin

Magnificent tiger skin rug / prayer mat, circa 1920-30.

Superb strong colour and extremly large skin

3 metres in length

2 metres across front paws


PRICE - £4250.00

Reserved HS




Ref - 1940  Leopard skin by Cuthbertson & Harper

Antique leopard skin by Cuthbertson & Harper

Early 20th century 

Superb quality skin, fur very glossy and strong colour

2.05metres long 

1.40 metres across the paws









Ref - 1829 Tiger skin 

Fabulous  tiger skin by Van-Ingen in near mint condition, glossy soft fur, ( winter coat ) no repairs or restoration - 

One of the best tiger skins i have offered for sale

Circa - 1930,s





Ref - 2027  Cotton Top Tamarin

Taxidermy Cotton top tamarin being extremly naughty as he pulls the film from the antique camera

A10 - 23GBA104FY81T


PRICE - £ 1250.00



Ref- 1621a

Early 20th century lion skin by Rowland Ward of Piccadilly, London

Taxidermist to the King

This skin dates to 1900 - 1930 - beautiful embroided silk label.

PRICE - £ 2250.00




Ref - 1955 A Baboon


Taxidermy African Baboon head,

Fabulous snarling pose


PRICE - £ 925.00





Ref - 1955 B   Worthog

Taxidermy Worthog head with huge tusks

Fabulous modern mount

A1 condition

Pumbaa from the Lion King


PRICE  - £ 825.00



Ref - 1733 A

Early 20th century flat tiger skin by Van-Ingen of Mysore, India

This is a huge skin measuring 3.2 metres 

Lovely historic piece from the greatest big cat taxidermist of all time

Fabulous as a carpet, wall hanging or prayer mat 


PRICE - £ 2850.00


Reserved - Stefan



Ref RHO 30  Leopard skin

Taxidermy Leopard skin by Kalloo & son of India

Circa 1920 -30

Beautiful rich colour and glossy fur


Length - 2.00 metres

Width -  1.20 metres


Price - £ 2150.00



Ref - 1954

Taxidermy Leopard skin carpet / prayer mat by Van-Ingen

Circa 9/2/1932

Taken by Colonel Sir Frank Connor

Professor of surgery in Bombay, India,

Labelled and serial number to the rear


Length - 2.35 metres

Width - 1.45 metres


PRICE - Reserved 




Ref - 1941    Zebra head

Zebra head mount - Lovely vintage specimen, stunning interior design piece of resturant / bar 


PRICE - £ 2750.00







Ref - 1839 African Lion skin

African Lion skin rug 

Superb original condition with all claws in place 

Excellent strong skin

Circa 1980's

Length - 3.1 metres

width - 2.05 metres

Cites 2 annex B



Price - Reserved DIEG







Ref - 2009    Zebra skin

New zebra skin grade A quality - Beautiful supple skin 


PRICE - £ 650.00




Ref - 1600

Very rare Gorilla head.

On cert 17NL252041/20

This is a pre convention specimen obtained before 1984 - super rare piece of antique taxidermy complete with E.U. CITES permit - valid for anyone 




Ref - 2005

Lovely Vintage Burchells Zebra skin - circa 1980's

Backed with black felt


PRICE - £ 680.00



Ref - RCOA

Early 2oth century rug made from colobus monkey skins






Ref - 1652A


Taxidermy Bengal tiger skin by the taxidermist E D Sassoon of Bombay, India.

Circa - 1941

Amazing fused glass eyes. Sassoon scencil on the backing cloth

Length - TBA

Width - TBA


PRICE - £ 4250.00


Ref - 1455

Lovely antique Zebra skin in great condition - good quality felt backing cloth 





Ref - 1821 B

 Taxidermy Fallow buck

Beautiful new mount 





Ref - 1282

Taxidermy black panther head reproduction, made from calf skin - this can be export worldwide without any paperwork




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