Here are some very useful links to helpful and interesting website ;

This website comes from the British Historical Taxidermy Society, It is a small society brought togeather by Mr Martin Dunne, most members are very keen collectors and have some of the finest Antique Taxidermy in the world,
A newly evolving website with great interests in the History of Taxidermy and a wealth of information on the subject.  Well worth checking out !

A very interesting site  based in India selling Campaign furniture & sporting accesories - well worth a look.

This website run by Kim Mcdonald and covers every aspect of the taxidermy law and regulations on selling taxidermy, (  How would we manage without him. )

This website has a wealth of information from top quality taxidermists , to conferences and information about past and present taxidermy.
The place to go if you need a specimen preserving.

Animal Health has all the information on wildlife laws.

The natural history Museum in London is a fantastic day out for all the family, all kinds of Natural history from Taxidermy to Dinosaur Skeletons and a animated replica t-rex.

The wwf does an enourmous amount of work in the world to save & protect endangered wildlife, Please give your support, I will donate the proceeds of at least 1 item a year to the wwf.